Yoga Towel 24″ x 72″ by Youphoria Yoga (Gray Towel / Pink Stitching) – Improve Mat Grip During Bikram, Ashtanga, and Hot Yoga Sessions – Ultra Absorbent, Machine Washable Microfiber, Yoga Mat Length Towels – Stop Slipping, Order Today!

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Get a Grip with Youphoria Yoga's Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Youphoria Yoga Towels are everything you want from a yoga towel. Super absorbent, quick-drying microfiber allows you to hold your yoga poses without slipping when you hands or feet get sweaty. Towel is sized to fit straight on top of your Standard (24" x 68") and Long (24" x 72") yoga mats. Youphoria Yoga Towels provide a hygienic barrier between you and your mat, are hypo-allergenic, and absorb 7 times its weight in water (or sweat!). Machine washable, unlike your yoga mat! Extends your yoga mat life! Best used with Youphoria Yoga Mats – available in matching colors!

Features and Specifications:
•* Proprietary Slip-Resistant Microfiber
•* Sized to fit most yoga mats
•* Super absorbent, dries faster than the competition
•* Creates a hygienic barrier for your mat, extending mat life!
•* Machine Washable – unlike your yoga mat!
•* Great colors perfectly matched to Youphoria Yoga Mats

Youphoria Yoga 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Buying online can be a scary thing. We are so sure you are going to love your yoga towel, we have extended the guarantee another 30 days! Practice better yoga or your money back. Simply contact us through our website!

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Customer Reviews

I sweat a lot (understatement), and slip easy – this solved it

 on July 19, 2014
By Ruke
So, I’m first to admit I’m a disgusting sweaty mess when I exercise or work out. No hiding it. I’m the worst of anyone I know, by far. You don’t even understand, man.

Towel Slips, Great customer service.

 on August 17, 2016
By Caroline N.
GREAT customer service, but towel wasn’t my favorite. I’ve been practicing hot yoga and regular yoga for a while. I recently purchased this towel for use during both. During my regular flow class, the towel slipped constantly. I actually stopped using it after only a few poses each time I tried to use it. I tried wetting it and it still didn’t work. I received several emails from the seller, and I contacted her after having trying the towel several times. She offered more help and either a refund or new towel. I chose the refund and my account was credited within hours. I would buy from this company again solely for that reason. If you do hot yoga/Bikram, this may be an easier towel to use because you’re not doing vinyasa over and over, but it didn’t work for me. It was moisture wicking, though. Make sure you don’t wash with fabric softeners.

Very happy

 on August 23, 2017
By Nadine
I love this towel so much I bought 3 so I don’t have to constantly wash them. I go to CorePower Yoga Sculpt and Yoga 2, both of which make me sweat buckets. This towel is a little slippery if your hands and feet are dry, but with a tiny bit of moisture, I have a good grip on my down dog. The towel sticks well to my Lululemon mat (it only moves when I pick it up to wipe my face), and covers it almost completely. I wash it on normal cycle in hot water with Hex detergent, and they’re holding up just fine. No smells, no fraying, and still very soft after weekly washings for 3 months. I bought several of the grey ones with various piping, I like the color a lot, it’s not distracting.

This is the best towel ever

 on September 21, 2017
By Katherine
I have been experimenting with yoga towels. This is an inexpensive towel, so I was expecting the more expensive towels to be more effective. I was wrong. This is the best towel ever. Doesn’t slip or slide. I never notice it during practice. I have a Jade mat (for reference).

Plush, "grippy", absorbent

 on August 1, 2016
By G. Duda
I have used a number of different yoga towels, but I definitely like these the best. They are more “plush”, which gives me better gripping power, and they can absorb an awful lot of moisture. The colors are nice, too. And a great price. What’s not to like? 🙂 Before these, I had used YogaRat towels for my hot yoga — I liked them, and thought they were perfect for the job, until I started using these, and then realized that there was indeed a better yoga towel out there!

No nubby side and you have to get it very wet.

 on January 24, 2016
By Loves_2_read
I sweat when I work out. A lot. Mostly from my head and face. So during yoga, sweat just rolls down my face and drips onto the mat. And the idea of a towel keeping my mat dry is very appealing. BUT you have to wet your towel down for it to stay put. I’m new to yoga and wish I knew that before I ordered it. But I figured hey, I’ll still give it a shot. So the first time I sprinkled a little water on it and tried it. The spots that were really wet seemed to stay put better. So the next time I tried getting the mat more wet. But there you run into a problem too. I don’t want to feel cool dampness when I’m sitting or laying on my mat. And it still does move around a fair amount. There’s no nubby side that grips the mat. It’s simply a microfiber towel. A very large one, but a towel all the same. For now, I will continue to use it. It’s soft and I can usually unobtrusively straighten it out during class when it bunches. But I am really disappointed that it doesn’t stay better and just how wet you have to get it.

It Works!

 on March 3, 2018
I have sweaty palms & feet. So I do the slip & slide on my mat; most especially during downward dog. At first I thought I just needed one of those non-slip mats – since that’s what a friend suggested. I thought buying another mat would be pointless & costly when I already have a mat & it’s fairly new. I decided, well I’ll just stop & wipe the sweat off or use a hand towel. Then I came across this AND I LOVE IT! No more slipping & sliding! I saw no problems slipping even when the towel was dry. I recommended this to my friend since she’s been having the same problem.

User error possible

 on April 15, 2016
By Karen
I initially bought one towel to try and absolutely loved it! I dampened my mat before laying the towel down as the instructions suggest and it stays in place extremely well. It is nice to have a towel over the mat during the bikram (hot) yoga sessions, as by the time we get to positions like dog down, my hands, feet and well, just about everything else is dripping in sweat. The towel keeps me from sliding all over my mat. Being able to wash the towel after each session seems much more sanitary than wiping down my mat with chemicals to clean. After trying it for several classes I loved it so much that I ordered more for me and one for a friend. Initially he had issues with the towel moving on him during the class, but we discovered that because he has a lot of calluses on his feet the microfiber material was sticking to the bottom of this feet and causing the towel to bunch – the solution was for him to pick up his feet slightly higher and slower before changing positions and he also started dampening the mat more than I do before laying down his towel and no he has no/little issues with the towel slipping during the class Overall they seem like they are good quality, and a good price in comparison to other yoga towels on the market.

Excellent Hot Yoga Towel

 on May 24, 2016
By HarlemUSA2201
This is my first yoga towel… I read many reviews before purchasing this one and do not regret my purchase in any way. The mat is soft, sturdy and comfortable. It performs well in my hot yoga classes.

Super absorbent, doesn’t slide around, and looks great!

 on June 8, 2015
By ZrowGz
This towel is great, the colors actually happened to match my mat perfectly! The microfiber absorbs the copious amounts of liquids that my body expels during a hot yoga session without even breaking a sweat 😉 but really, super absorbent and doesn’t become slippery when damp or soaked. It hasn’t started holding a scent after about 3 weeks with it (washing immediately after use).