Yoga for Absolute Beginners I

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Customer Reviews

Good for people brand new to yoga

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 on February 16, 2016
By Christina
I really like this video, I am a true 100% absolute newbie to yoga. I don’t want to go to an actual yoga class because 1.) I’m chubby and want to lose more weight before I do & 2.) I want to know at least the basics so I don’t look like a fool. I like the pace of this video, it makes it easy for me to follow along. The best thing is that I feel the results and it’s helping me lose weight.

good beginning yoga

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 on October 11, 2010
By khill
This is a great video for newcomers to yoga, especially if you haven’t been exercising much. It is truly yoga, not yoga/pilates, or yoga/aerobics like a lot of the programs are. It’s also truly for beginners. Not much flexibility or strength is required to start, and she demonstrates progressive positions for the poses so that you can move up the at your own pace. She spends some time explaining the idea of yoga, and some time teaching correct breathing. All in all, it’s about 24 minutes of exercise. If you are somewhat out of shape, and new to yoga, this is the best program I have found.

Just what I was looking for.

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 on January 3, 2014
By Amazon Customer
I needed a very basic introduction that I could begin a home program with. After reviewing many videos I came back to this one. Instructions were clear. Exercises gave me the challenges I needed for a first step. Best of all I feel great after. I am going to use different videos on different days to reach my goals. Her variety of focus areas will keep my programs interesting.

NOT for Absolute Beginners

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 on September 1, 2015
This video is not for beginners. Although limited, I do have some experience with yoga and due to some dancing experience, I am reasonably flexible, yet I immediately realized that this was not truly a beginner video. Some of the positions are too advanced and require a significant amount of flexibility and balance. The one thing I did enjoy is that it takes the time to explain the appropriate position of the feet, knees, hips, arms, torso prior to fully taking on any given position. Therefore I would suggest you watch it once or twice just to learn the correct positions to avoid injury and then move on to a truly beginning video. The beginning is very cheesy and I might have overlooked it except that at the end as she leaves you in the final relaxing pose which you are to hold for a few minutes, the same cheesy music destroys the mood she has set. I would give it 2.5 stars but since that is not a choice…Three it is!

Would have been a 5 star review EXCEPT

 on October 13, 2017
By Renaissance Man
Great for medium beginners. The intro to the video is horribly stressful. I almost did not practice with this session because of the loud obtrusive intro. This tutorial is great for medium beginners. She goes through the breath with each movement and does it slow enough for most anyone to follow along. She said that she loves to end with Shavasana, which is really a must. As I got into the great relaxation of the pose, she mentions to stay in this pose for three to five minutes. About 30 seconds after I’m totally relaxed, that loud obnoxious intro comes in at the end, which breaks the great ending. If you follow this tutorial, at the end, keep your mute button at hand and mute immediately after she tells you to stay in Shavasana, otherwise your great session will be rudely interrupted. Peace and enjoy.

Excellent for beginners, but don’t get too comfortable at the end!

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 on May 7, 2014
By Erin K. Ropposch
I am an “absolute beginner,” and I think this video was right on with the simplicity, explanations, and time given to try each pose for the first time. I loved it and would like to make this a daily routine. However, at the final pose for relaxation/meditation, she suggests dedicating 3 to 5 minutes. The video then ends – understandable we aren’t going to have 3 to 5 minutes of video for lying on the ground – but then you’re shocked out of your pose with an eruption of boisterous music. I actually jumped, and bolted for the speaker to turn it off. Not the ideal way to end a yoga session, and it will be difficult to choose the same routine in the future, knowing that I can’t relax at the end.

Mixed bag

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 on June 18, 2015
By Jessie K. Sams
I like the actual yoga portion of this. She goes through the steps slowly for a beginner such as myself. I had some trouble with a few things because she finished showing how an expert would do a move while not really staying where a beginner might be. The thing I disliked is the intro! It does not set the tone for something mindful and it is loud and obnoxious! Then as soon as the workout ends it is back to this loud obnoxious music with her jumping up and down. It just doesn’t fit with the whole theme of yoga. I think if you could get by this part it is a good beginners work-out.

It does say ABSOLUTE Beginner!

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 on April 13, 2015
If you can get past the dime store special effects and the oddly exuberant jumping offset with the “come hither” smolder in the opening credits, you might get a few useful bits out of this video if you are, indeed, an ABSOLUTE beginner to yoga. I STRONGLY warn anyone who has any modicum of experience that you will likely not last 10 minutes before you are looking for something else. Yogi Marlon uses ujjayi breathing and does an adequate job of explaining the process. She also tries to explain the importance of form, which is vital for anyone beginning to practice yoga. The problem is that the video is very short so it all seems a bit rushed and when the end comes you feel like you haven’t even really begun. Bottom line: there are better videos out there, but if you are on prime and are looking to try out yoga, this is a decent freebie.