Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners w/ Erica Vetra

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  • Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners. Full Body At Home 1 Hour Workout & Yoga Class
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  • Morning Yoga For Weight Loss – 20 Minute Workout Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate
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Customer Reviews

Great workout… but not if it’s your first time doing yoga.

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 on May 4, 2017
By J. Reynolds
If you used to do yoga, know a lot of the poses, and still have maintained a decent amount of flexibility – this is a really good workout. Erica does provide the modifications for a lot of the more difficult poses. I’ve read a lot of the reviews and a lot mention that she talks a lot – but I suspect those people haven’t been to a yoga class before because she is on par with what I’ve experienced in classes throughout the past fifteen years I’ve been doing yoga. (Also, there’s more to yoga than just stretching – core, balance, strength – so expect some sweating.) It had a little more downward dog than I like (my wrists are a little weak after not practicing for a bit), but was a really complete workout. If you’ve never done yoga before – this workout will challenge you, you likely won’t be able to do a lot of the poses, and you’ll likely make it to minute 26 and quit. If you’ve been doing yoga regularly for the past three to seven months and can’t get to the gym – this one is for you!

Big thanks to Erica Vetra!

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 on July 22, 2017
By eclaire
I have not been about the yoga hype–chalked it up to being ‘trendy’ or too ‘hippie’ for me. Been to a class here or there, less than I can count on one hand. E.V.’s yoga videos–THIS is how to start. She is an exceptional instructor….she explains exactly where you need to be, or where you’re striving to be (body placement). This helps prevent injury and actually makes you focus on all fibers of your body, so while it’s a work out and stretching you out…it’s calms the mind/soul too. I work in an intense unit and have not been able to turn my brain off. Giving her yoga workouts a go, was life altering. I think it’s a good start to focus on yourself and not be distracted by others in a class format…I’m hoping as I advance, I may transition to public classes–but still keeping steady with focus on my own practice and form. The online format allows for you do it anytime of day and feel so mellow after finishing it. Even on repeat over the weeks, you find those “ah hah” moments click in your mind and you DO improve in small increments each time. She is easy to listen to, which I think is a significant part of it. I hope she posts more for amazon prime!

Authentic yoga experience

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 on September 28, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Erica provides a well coordinated sequence that provides strength and flexibility to major muscle groups at just the right pace using a thoughtful consideration for all levels. As yoga instructor, I recommend this video for those that want an authentic yoga experience. I will be incoporating this to my favorite all around yoga videos. Namaste.

A great starting point if you’re committed

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 on August 14, 2018
By Gabrielle
I absolutely LOVE this video. As someone who had never tried yoga once, I started doing this last summer and found that I could only make it about 20 minutes and gave up. Fast forward a year, my resolution was to do something for myself and I wanted to give yoga another try. I was determined to do as much of the video as possible. I survived the first day, then again on the second day. I am about a month into doing this 2-5 times a week and last week attended my first yoga class. I feel like doing this for a few weeks to build core strength before venturing out was key. I also was not at all lost in my real-life yoga class. While some reviews Co plain about her talking too much-I actually needed her explanations to ensure I was doing the pose as correctly as possible without having a physical person there to correct me. Because of this video my first real life yoga class was enjoyable-I didn’t feel lost and felt able to do almost the entire real life class (I was not able to balance on one foot though :P) Because this is a yoga workout video-she does hold the poses and she does talk through them.

Nicely paced for beginners!

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 on September 3, 2016
By AmyD
Great workout! I certainly felt challenged during this workout. The next day I could definitely feel it in my core! Erica had a great pace during this video. It started slow enough to figure out each move and gained speed as you went. It gave me a chance to actually stretch and feel the moves!

Challenging as a beginner but with options to help strengthen to complete it; instructor was calming and encouraging.

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 on November 10, 2017
By Amy Bumpus
My friend talked me into a yoga/pilates fusion class one night a week for 10 weeks. Being new I thought I did pretty well but felt like I needed to find a similar program to do some practice between the weekly class I am attending. I saw some of the same moves in this video so I gave it a try. It was tough and I wasn’t perfect, so I appreciated her warm and friendly tone with suggestions on how to do a little less difficult pose or option until I can improve. I plan to use this video, and look at a few more of her video classes, to get in another 2-4 practices each week. I really liked Erica Vetra, she came across as knowledgable and helpful, very calm and yet still encouraging. Thank you.

Great for sure

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 on January 27, 2018
By Jan T. Mckay
Great for sure. She does not make a spiritual experience out of the workout but is very specific about positioning to get the most benefit. One reviewer mentioned her rambling. I noticed that she does that in a couple of places where a position is held for several seconds. I think she was just filling in the time to benefit from a couple of stretching positions This did not affect the workout and does not deserve the negative review of that one viewer. My husband has done this with me a couple of times and he has benefited tremendously. I feel great afterward.

Don’t let the length deter you from this workout

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 on August 15, 2017
By Yogi Boo Boo
I really liked this workout which surprised me, because I was thinking an hour of yoga……ugh…..I am migrating away from the workouts I used to do with a lot of squats and lunges due to back issues. So I am working on my flexibility with yoga, and also strength. I was surprised to find myself sore for a day or two after this video – but in a good way. And the hour length wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was nice to get into positions and hold them, as opposed to just getting in the position correctly and then moving on to something else.