Neck & Shoulders

  • Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief – Yoga With Adriene
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises & Yoga Stretches Jen Hilman
  • Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain – 20 Minute Beginners Yoga For Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain
  • Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain – Safe and Easy Stretches for Beginners
  • Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back 15min
  • 60 Second Stretches to Get Knots from Shoulders, Upper Back, & Traps
  • The Spoon: The Best Massage Tool For a Stiff Neck – Dr Alan Mandell, DC
  • Crossfit Athlete Gets Full Body Adjustment (Neck, Back & Shoulder POP) With Chiropractor Friendswood
  • ASMR Massage Back & Shoulders, Athena Jezik #2, Relaxing Massage Therapy Technique
  • Tracy helps Joe with his neck and shoulder pain
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Customer Reviews

Great for low back pain!

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 on August 31, 2017
By Michelle F.
I love all of the Lindsey Samper Yoga videos on here and after 8 months of using all of them felt it was past time that I come on here to review them! I have been using these therapy videos as a “pre-stretch” to the other yoga videos she has on Amazon whenever my back or neck is bothering me. I love them for that, but would recommend them to anyone trying to do any exercising with back issues. So important to stretch properly first, and as frustrating as back pain is, for me stretching and strengthening my core has been the #1 thing that has helped.

Nothing not to like

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 on June 28, 2017
By Susanne
Great! When I get badly out of shape, I always start over with just stretching first. If I’m tight, achy, overweight, and lazy, flexibility is a great place to start. It gets me in the habit of setting a time to exercise each day. And after loosening up again, I usually feel like doing more in terms of cardio or strength. This series is perfect for these purposes. Slow and easy for beginners. The first two sessions address “desk-itis,” and I usually do them both back-to-back because I feel so good after the first part. The fourth session is perfect after a cardio or strength workout. I haven’t tried the third yet, but I do suffer from occasional insomnia and see myself needing it in the future.

Clear instruction and nice progress series

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 on August 18, 2017
By VD Studio
I have watched and attended some yoga classes online or in person. I really like Lindsey’s practice. She speaks clear, explain in a calm tone as well as the right speed. Her voice also helps. Her series let you getting more from one lesson to another which I like.

They make me feel great afterward, despite the high tension I was feeling …

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 on November 28, 2017
By James Pauley
(Posting under my husband’s amazon account…) Whenever I feel aches in my back or neck, I do all 4 of these videos. I usually intend to do just one, but they are addicting. They make me feel great afterward, despite the high tension I was feeling beforehand. As a newbie to yoga, Lindsey is the first instructor to help me to “get it”. She explains things simply, yet with enough detail so that I know why I am doing what I am doing. Thanks to her, I feel that even as a beginner, when I move into a pose, I know how to do so safely and how to achieve maximum benefit. It just feels good! I’m very grateful for the relief and the beginning of a new journey. After finding how much I love this series, I’ve begun her other videos for beginners. They are awesome as well, and I am both seeing and feeling myself grow stronger daily. Thank you, Lindsey!!!!

Incredible instructor and I feel better!

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 on May 26, 2017
By Hadara Mandel
Lindsey Samper is amazing!!!! I was one of the lucky ones to have her as my yoga instructor. I have several injuries, back included, and I am very skeptical as to who I will trust when it comes to exercise and stretching. Lindsey is incredible. She is very educated and knows the body so well. So goes above and beyond to keep learning and to stay ahead of the game. She even did yoga with an austic child and knew exactly what he needed. When she moved, I was very sad to lose her because she was that good. I am thrilled to be able to have her expertise anytime I need and want with her fantastic videos. I have shared them with physical therapists, personal trainers and friends. They are all so impressed and have recommended them to their patients and friends.

Perfect for a beginner.

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 on April 21, 2017
By Sharon Wiggins
I really like Lindsey’s step by step instructions, and what you should be feeling. She tells you to do only what you can do. It’s like doing yoga with a friend. I would like to see more videos from her.

great for neck tension

5 people found this helpful
 on July 27, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Very knowledgeable, great for neck tension!

Five Stars

One person found this helpful
 on September 27, 2017
By Leigh S.