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  • Yoga For Digestive Ailments (Gastrointestinal Disorders)
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  • Total Health: Digestive Problems| 15-1-17
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  • Digestion and Stress – The Cause of GERD, Indigestion and Heart Burn
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Customer Reviews

☺️ This instructor is so good at this

 on December 15, 2015
By Hugo Braham
So here’s the deal… I just finished this video and got on my computer to write a review. Well, 10 minutes after savasana, I mean. ☺️

Love this

 on May 9, 2014
By Unicorn
I really began to see improvements after using this every day for 2 or 3 weeks… I became more flexible, and in a better mood… More peaceful…. I found it amazing how Jenny would just know, when in certain positions, the areas that I might be clenching, and she would say say stuff like, “relax your jaw, relax your face”. And i would think, “how did she know I was clenching my jaw!” How does she know? Because she has been doing this for years obviously, and knows her stuff. Great teacher… and I found her accent cute… No pain, no gain, don’t give up! Yes, some of the editing and sound is a lil wonky here and there, but, not a big deal, it corrects itself within a split second, and is not all that distracting at all… I hope she puts out more and more DVDs! Keep up the good work Jenny!

Finally, A Real Yoga Class!

 on July 18, 2012
By teatime
I can’t tell you how annoying it is that so many “yoga” videos are just promoted and filmed as fad “lose weight” or “get your butt toned” or some other garbage that yoga is not actually about. Finally, here we have a REAL yoga class taught by a very proficient teacher. This is as close to being in a real studio with a great teacher as you can get at home.

Hardcore cardio person who hasn’t had luck with Yoga? Try this excellent Yoga instructor!

 on February 4, 2015
By Becky.cali
I have never been a fan of Yoga. I’ve tried a few classes in the past and it just never quite clicked. I do a lot of cardio and that’s typically my preferred workout. However, I’ve been working 10 hour days, having gastro-intestinal issues and lately, I was feeling like my body needed a good stretch so I tried this on Amazon Prime. What an amazing Yoga instructor!! I’m hooked. I will be doing Yoga regularly. I love the way this instructor teaches, her soothing voice and the pace of the 60 min workout. If you’re not a Yoga person, try this and I promise you’ll convert. 🙂

Yoga for Health

 on March 13, 2016
By VA Shopper
I am probably not the best source for reviewing this as it is my first jump (no pun intended) into Yoga. That being said, as a 55 year old female who has recently been diagnosed with IBS-D, this was extremely relaxing and I look forward to it everyday. I have not been doing Yoga long enough to tell if there is a difference but since there has been so little relief with medication I feel like at least I am trying to do something positive for my health.

I just finished this DVD and I feel better than I have in a long time

 on May 18, 2015
By C. Demarest
I just finished this DVD and I feel better than I have in a long time. I haven’t been feeling as well lately and haven’t worked out for a while. I knew I needed to do something, and I didn’t even plan on completing this, watching it on Amazon Prime, but for some reason I kept going and I’m really glad I did. I feel better than I have in a really long time. All the poses were gentle, but instantly relieved a lot of pain and pressure in my body.

Great for beginners

 on February 28, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Great for beginners. Lots of corpse pose and rest but the challenge is there. She is a little hard to understand, but I got used to her voice. Once I did it a couple of times, then I could just use her voice for direction and not have to look at the video.

This is the best yoga class I’ve taken in years

 on October 10, 2016
By Amazon Customer
This is the best yoga class I’ve taken in years. Jenny’s voice is soothing and she is an amazing instructor. I chose this video because I struggle with gastrointestinal disorder and found that this session not only targeted that area but it relaxed and strengthened me as well. The background music is very calming and the instructor is well versed in the practice of yoga. Really great video!

My favorite yoga video

 on July 17, 2016
By lidi4
I absolutely love this video. The routine is not challenging for me (moderately in shape?) But I can feel where I used my muscles all over my body for the next day or so. The routine is comprehensive, balanced, and moves at a perfect place. What I really love is the meditative, serene quality of the video and the instructor’s beautiful voice and accent. I feel completely renewed physically and mentally every time I do this.

Relaxing a pleasant

 on February 24, 2015
By Rachel KT
Nice and relaxing. If you’re looking for a good stretch, this one is for you. I specifically like the breathing exercise in the beginning because I find that if I jump into an intense yoga flow I don’t follow my breath. By disciplining my breath first, I feel like I was more aware throughout the session. Pretty good for relaxation. Look for something else if you want to sweat.

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