Meditations to Change Your Brain: Rewire Your Neural Pathways to Transform Your Life

  • Rick Hanson, PhD and Richard Mendius, MD – Meditations to Change Your Brain (Audio Excerpt)
  • The 5 Minute MIND EXERCISE That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Your Brain Will Not Be The Same)
  • Meditations to Change Your Brain Rewire Your Neural Pathways to Transform Your Life
  • Download Meditations to Change Your Brain Rewire Your Neural Pathways to Transform Your Life
  • Neuroplasticity Meditation – Rebuild Your Brain | Brain Healing Sounds – Healing Frequency
  • Addiction Recovery using Hypnotherapy
  • 8 Hours Subconscious Mind Programming | The Law Of Attraction Affirmations – Manifest Dreams
  • Dr Joe Dispenza- TED Talks with Dr Joe Dispenza
  • Rick Hanson, PhD – Self-Directed Brain Change (Audio Excerpt)
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Seven Guided Practices to “Rebuild” Your Brain for Lasting Joy and Fulfillment

The structure of your brain changes constantly in a dynamic, unfolding process that you yourself can help direct to create the life you want. This is the exciting premise of Meditations to Change Your Brain, a breakthrough three-CD program from neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, and neurologist Richard Mendius, MD.

Course objectives:

Use meditation to rewire the neural pathways in your mind—to change your brain and to change your mindLearn the science behind suffering; how our survival instincts have led to our own suffering and how we can change thisLearn several different meditation techniques to promote concentration, let go of painful past experiences, and promote a more positive outlookA scientific overview of the structure of your brain and which areas are responsible for our different skills and emotions

Drawing on a vast body of research spanning more than 30 years, Hanson and Mendius show you how to strengthen the neural circuits that generate happiness, love, and inner peace. Join them to explore fascinating insights about your brain and how you can consciously affect it with good results. Then learn seven guided meditations to reshape your brain, including:

“Steadying Your Mind” to tap the full creative power of your attention“Taking in the Good” to maintain a positive emotional landscape“Antidote to Stress,” a conscious way to activate your body’s relaxation response“Healing Painful Experiences” to free yourself from the charge of negative memories

Science has proven what contemplative traditions have taught for centuries: meditation holds a key to a life of balance, peace, and joy.

Whether you’re discovering meditation for the first time or looking for a way to deepen an existing practice, with Meditations to Change Your Brain you have a full spectrum of techniques to make your brain your greatest ally on the path to personal fulfillment.

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  • Audio CD: 3 pages
  • Publisher: Sounds True; abridged edition edition (August 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 159179711X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1591797111
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Customer Reviews

Your Journey Awaits!

 on July 10, 2011
By Channelle Johnson
After reading the reviews of this item I was highly skeptical. I’ve meditated off and on for many years now and was looking for something new. I’ve tried Holosync in the past and grew tired of listening to waterfalls. The Holosync program used frequencies to correct and retrace neuro pathways in the brain. This seemed like a great alternative to spice things up! The packaging isn’t much, there are no workbooks that come with the program. With paying under $17, who can complain? I believe the Holosync program came only with a support number and it was $150. Once you start listening to the program, CD 1 gave a great walk through of what to expect and how to use the program. That problem was completely mitigated by the developer’s discussion, they also did a top-notch job explaining some of the intricacies with neuro-psychology. The best part of this program is that it breaks the program into small chunks that so a practitioner can easily incorporate into their daily life. The developers do a great job of slowly guiding the individual through the meditation process and giving them visualization exercises. Many individuals like my boyfriend that are new to meditation find this a very difficult hurdle to overcome. So if you are interested in meditating or know someone who is, I highly suggest this program for you. Or if you are like me and are just looking for something to add to your current program. 🙂

A GREAT place to start if you are interested in beginning …

 on September 24, 2016
By Cic626
A GREAT place to start if you are interested in beginning a meditation practice. I love the tracks where they discuss the science behind how/why it works. It made it easy to build this new and difficult but extremely rewarding facet of life into my day.

Good material but not-so-good presentation.

 on February 15, 2017
By Thomas F Hall
I am sure this is an effective product, but there are a couple of really concerning characteristics. First, less technical jargon and more layman’ terms would make it less boring. For example, rather than giving the names of the parts of the brain, they could say that, ” There is a part of the brain that…” Too much like science class when the consumer is looking for help with emotions, etc.

The meditation is good so it might hit the mark for other people

 on June 25, 2016
By Patricia L Jones
This guys voice doesn’t do it for me. He bugs me so it’s distracting. The meditation is good so it might hit the mark for other people

The Best

 on February 8, 2018
By ladyloni
after listening I’m considering meditation.

Excellent neuroscientific information on the brain made easily understood and easily applicable to your life

 on July 2, 2011
By Hanna McDonough
Dr. Rick Hanson is a wonderful neuro-scientist, who practices what he preaches. He wants us to benefit from the latest, state of the art, reseach about the way our brains function. This knowledge allows you to tame your brain and not be driven by the parts of the brain that evolved in much earlier times. These earlier parts: the lizard brain and the monkey brain evolved at a time when our species’ survival depended on a brain that was vigilant and quick to be in alarm mode.

Good food for the educated skeptic!

 on May 18, 2010
By wtrwmn44
After almost 30 years as a practicing and teaching psychologist, I’m a bit snobby when it comes to new (to me), New-Agey, or “spiritual” stuff, especially if it is becoming increasingly popular. This set of CDs is just the thing for me: nice guided meditations for the just-past-beginner, plus decent neuroscience research well-explained, minus snake-oil hype. I dumped all tracks into iTunes, so I could listen anywhere on my iPhone. Only problem: tracks are poorly labeled, so that finding my way around amongst guided meditations and lectures is unnecessarily tedious and irritating.

A brain changer

 on September 19, 2013
By cassmacme
I have heard of re-wiring your brain, but didn’t really think it was possible. I love this DVD. I got off anti-depressants and I would suggest this DVD to anyone who has done the same and also for anyone who wants to get rid of old thinking and learn how to see the world differently. I highly recommend to EVERYONE!

Meditations to Change Your Brain

 on December 27, 2013
By r.isaacs
Excellent mediations. Helps to redirect and calm the mind. I would highly recommend. It puts things into prospective. I would highly recommend.

great CD’s!

 on April 7, 2010
By Yogiwoman
I love these meditation CD’s. I am a huge fan of Rick Hanson, and these CD’s are another really powerful aid in becoming a happier, more focused, more loving person. I agree with another reviewer that it would have been nice if the outer cover had the CD’s contents on them, but it is such a minor point – it’s no big deal.
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