Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience

  • Meditation for the Love of It Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
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  • download Meditation for the Love of It Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience pdf
  • Meditation for the Love of It Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
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Meditation is like a love affair with your innermost self. At times it can be ecstatic and entrancing, other times simple and still—and sometimes you might not even feel its profound effects until later.
Now with Meditation for the Love of It, Sally Kempton shares practical secrets to help us turn meditation into an unconditional embrace of the fullness of our experience—on and off the meditation cushion. With the gentle wisdom and compassion of one who understands the nuances of practice, she opens us to the joy of exploring the deep and mysterious inner landscape of the heart, mind, and body.

Drawing on her 40 years as a teacher and a fellow meditator, Sally teaches us how we can connect to our inner longings and creative “shakti” energy to allow the transformative gifts and blessings of meditation to unfold. With playfulness and devotion—two key attitudes in sustaining a daily practice—she shares indispensable guidance for this voyage of self-discovery, including:
How to tune in to your own “meditation channel,” a bandwidth of tranquillity, energy, and joyWhy you don’t need a quiet mind to meditateHow the force known as Kundalini can fuel your practiceConnecting to your ever-present Inner Beloved to let go of conditioned ideas about yourself and make space for the True Self to come forthRipening your practice beyond technique into the “sweet mysterious expanse of spontaneous meditation”More than 20 practices for bringing the peace and insight of meditation into your daily life
“Remember: what you seek in meditation is your own Beloved, your own inner intelligence, your own Awareness, and your own Truth,” teaches Sally. Meditation for the Love of It points us back to our own intimate heart of hearts, our own deepest experience, and the bliss of existence itself.


Introduction: Awakening to Meditation
Chapter One: The Lure of Meditation
Chapter Two: How Do We Experience the Inner Self?
Chapter Three: Preparing for Practice
Chapter Four: Choosing the Right Doorway
Chapter Five: Moving Inward: The Practice of Oneness
Chapter Six: Working with the Mind, Part I: Navigating the Thought-Stream
Chapter Seven: Working with the Mind, Part II: Liberating Your Thoughts
Chapter Eight: Letting the Shakti Land
Chapter Nine: Where Do You Find Yourself? A Road Map to the Meditation Journey
Chapter Ten: Coming Out of Meditation: Contemplation, Recollection, and Journal Writing
Chapter Eleven: The Daily Life of a Meditator: Holding Inner Attention
Chapter Twelve: The Three-Week Breakthrough Program
Chapter Thirteen: The Process of Ripening
Epilogue: Let the Inner Dance Unfold


“This is the classic wisdom of the East, cast in a very personal and accessible form. It is authoritative and inspiring and will make you want to meditate for the highest reasons and in the most effective ways.”
—Andrew Weil, MD, author of Spontaneous Healing and Meditation for Optimum Health

“A thoughtful, intuitive, and uncommonly well-written book, which can only be welcomed be all who follow the way of meditation.”
—Peter Matthiessen, author of The Snow Leopard

“Sally Kempton is one of the great realized teachers on the meditation path, whose Integral understanding of life merges seamlessly with her mastery of meditation. She is a guide for our time.”
—Ken Wilber, author of A Brief History of Everything

“Love this book! I’m grateful to Sally for this how-to guide to the soul and am excited to deepen my own experience of meditation through her inspiration and guidance.”
—Seane Corne, international yoga teacher and activist, cofounder of Off the Mat, Into the World

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Customer Reviews

best book on meditation that I have read!

3 people found this helpful.
 on April 21, 2016
By Edwin E. Keelen
This is the best book on Yogic-style meditation that I have read. Kempton shares her own journey and generalizes the concepts into practical advice for the meditator. There are over 30 examples of how you can apply her practices to your routine. I was “stuck” on one method and Kempton opened my eyes to a variety of different techniques and encouraged experimentation. You will get a lot out of this book. I think it is better for people who already have some experience in meditation.

Enjoying the Experience of Meditation

 on November 28, 2015
By llyn
This is the 2nd time I’ve ordered this book because I thought I lost my first copy and I use it so much! I teacher and train students to be yoga teachers and this is fast becoming one of my “required” books for them. It not only has short guided meditations, it also is broken up into chapters that really address the different “levels” of meditation. For example, what meditation is, the lure of it, how to experience the Inner Self, choosing the Right Doorway, etc. I absolutely love the fact that she has chosen quotes for each chapter that go directly with what that chapter and the meditations are about. This book is a great resource for the Self, for students/people interested in learning meditation techniques, as well as giving us great insights in which to go deeper!

Immensely grateful for this book

One person found this helpful.
 on February 13, 2014
By McMoonwalker
Disclaimer: I haven’t even read 100% of this book yet (may update this review when I have)… But it’s already proven well worth the purchase price by helping me to make natural and amazing shifts in why and how I meditate. And the ‘why’ absolutely affects the ‘how.’

… to describe and teach yet Sally Kempton has a wonderful way of drawing you into this world

 on March 31, 2017
By diane mulligan
Meditation is probably one of the most difficult topics to describe and teach yet Sally Kempton has a wonderful way of drawing you into this world. I have read another of her books which prompted me to buy this. Part of me wants to race through it because its so enjoyable to read yet another part of me wants to slowly savour it. I know that she will be a go to read whenever I feel a need to instill fresh enthusiam back into my practice. I would recommend to anyone interested in Meditating whether a beginner or advanced practioner, I have found her to be the most profound author on the topic I have read so far, she makes it so accessible.

some wonderful tips for meditators

3 people found this helpful.
 on November 24, 2013
By Jenn
I love using Sally’s book in my meditation classes. The students are always amazed at how deep they can go into meditation after we do one of her exercises from the book. Sally’s meditation exercises are simple and mimic some of the same techniques that meditators have used over the centuries.

Love Sally Kempton

 on November 30, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Love Sally Kempton. She was once a Swami and trained under Muktananda. This book follows the meditation of the siddha yoga tradition. It is an amazing way to meditate brining you deep to pure consciousness.

Five Stars

 on March 30, 2017
By info shopper
More than just a meditation guide, a lot about spirituality.

Best book on meditation

One person found this helpful.
 on December 16, 2015
By Laura Bridges
Best book on meditation. Great for beginning meditators or for people who have been meditating for a long time. Beautifully written.

Five Stars

 on May 31, 2015
By Freda J. Blackerby
Great rejuvenation to or of meditation practice. Powerful, easy and fun to read, follow, and enjoy.

#1 Book on General Non-Dual Meditation

 on October 5, 2014
By Michael Yap
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