Meditation For Beginners: How to Meditate For Lifelong Peace, Focus and Happiness

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Discover Today How Meditation Can Transform Your Life!
You can be happier, healthier and have more success in your life by simply creating a meditation habit. In this book I'll show you how quieting your mind and learning to focus can completely change your life!

You must have heard people talk about the amazing powers of meditation. You might have met people raving about how meditation transformed their life. You might have even read blogs teaching you how to meditate, but when you tried it you found it incredibly frustrating and not peaceful at all.

If that sounds like you, then don't worry because you are not alone–most people feel this way. Meditation is not an easy skill to master. It takes years, if not a lifetime to master this skill. The good news is that you don't have to master it in order to enjoy its benefits.

If You Develop The Habit Of Meditating Daily, Even For A Few Minutes, You Can Achieve Wonderful Results In Your Life…
Meditation will improve both your physical and mental health, reduce stress, improve your brain power and teach you how to focus your attention on the task at hand, thereby increasing your productivity.

I'm sure not all successful people meditate but you'd be surprised how many of them do some form of meditation. It's an important skill to have for achieving success in life. If you can develop the meditation habit, it will certainly improve your chance of finding success.

"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day, unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour." ~Zen Proverb

An increasing number of scientific studies have been carried out on meditation and almost all of them have shown that meditation can be used to alter brain waves and brain chemistry. But if you are still skeptical, just give meditation a try for a few months. If you meditate daily for just a few months, you'll experience the benefits firsthand and lose your skepticism.

The only problem is that even those who do believe in the powers of meditation find it hard to turn it into a habit. Meditation can be frustrating if you set unrealistic goals for yourself. Most beginners do it the wrong way. They end up thinking that they just can't control their mind enough to meditate and give up. But this doesn't have to be you!

In This Book I'll Show You How Anyone Can Learn To Meditate…
With a little persistence and a systematic approach you too can develop this seemingly hard habit. After that, it's only a matter of time before you start seeing results.You'll continue to reap the benefits as you get better at meditation. Who knows, someday you may even find enlightenment!

Here's a preview of what you'll learn…

What meditation is really all aboutThe different types of meditationHow to set yourself up to stick with the meditation habitHow to meditate as a beginnerHow to move up to higher levels of meditationHow to build a healthy lifestyle around your habit of meditationThe 5 things you must do to achieve success with meditationPlus, so much more…This book will introduce you to all forms of meditation and help you choose the best fit for you as a beginner. Those who meditate regularly are less stressed, more positive, happier, healthier, more productive, and live a fuller and more successful life. You too can achieve all these benefits and a lot more simply by getting this book today!

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Customer Reviews

Meditation for the beginner … it is a worthy journey, start it now.

 on May 24, 2015
By Elizabeth Pavlovna
Meditation has interested me since a friend of mine first introduced me to it. In her case her husband was able to overcome a rare and debilitating disease with daily meditation. To support her husband she too took up meditation and now, many years later, continues it as a daily practice. I must confess that I have tried meditating but haven’t made much headway … ok, getting better at the breathing. Knowing that there are clear benefits I do pick up books on meditation. I really liked this book. What I am taking away from it is that there are many different methods of meditation, including prayer; and to develop meditation as a habit. Small steps taken daily make a big difference. I can do that!

Improve Your Life with Meditation

 on September 22, 2014
By Alex
Really enjoyed this small book. Sara Elliott Price did a great job in explaining what meditation is, the different ways one can meditate and how meditation can (and will) improve your life. You should get this book if you want…

good book

 on June 21, 2016
By Kylie Manghelli
I should have read to see how many pages this is because I received it thinking “DANG this lil 44 pages was pretty expensive…” but honestly I really like her style of writing and feel I must recommend this book to beginners who’d like not to give up on meditating because it seems so impossible at first. This really helped my mom and me!

Well worth the read for anyone new to meditation.

 on September 11, 2014
By D B Carlyle
This is a rather good introduction to meditation. Sara takes a look at different styles of meditation and provides some good basic tips on how to start and maintain your meditation schedule. Nicely written in a very easy to understand style. I especially liked her suggestion to stop thinking in words and to start thinking in pictures. As someone who does meditate already I thought this was insightful and I’ve never heard such put that way before.

Great Starter Book….must buy!!!!

 on January 17, 2018
By John D.
Great book as I am just learning. All the information you need to get started!!!

Love it!

 on January 2, 2016
By Jose F. Pagan & Isamari Cruz
I have read articles about meditation but never got a real grasp of the process. This book is easy to read, once you start reading is like the author is talking to you while drinking a cup of coffee. I began the process and have been practicing for 10 days and it feels good. Start practicing the meditation before ending the book. It will help you to keep on track by answering the questions and possible situations that you start feeling at the beginning

Meditation for beginners

 on September 20, 2014
By heather
Meditation for beginners was a terrific book. I had just gotten started meditating and was looking for a book to teach me some good strategies and helpful tips for meditation. The book gave me it all. Easy to read, straight forward, practical and very informative. Thanks for a great guide!

Great book for beginners!

 on September 8, 2014
By Michelle
This book is a great reference for beginners. Sara does a fantastic job at defining mediation and clearly breaks it down for the beginners out there. She describes different styles of mediation and provides great tips to help you along the way!

Great tips

 on September 26, 2014
By Already Booked
I’ve always wanted to learn a great way to mediate and I got just what I wanted to start out. I’ve had other books that made it really hard and quite rigorous. I hope this reduces my stress at least I’m getting a good start.

Everything a beginner needs to know

 on February 24, 2015
By Patrick
This is book goes really in depth on meditation for people who are new to practicing it. From the benefits of meditation to the different types of meditations, everything you need to know to get started is in this book. If you want to start meditating properly everyday, go ahead and use this book as your guide! The author also left a lot of other tips in the book to live a healthier life as well which I appreciate.

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