Buddhism: Living A Life Of Happiness, Mindfulness & Peace (Present Moment, Dalai Lama, Well Being, Stress Free, Inner Peace, Zen Meditation, Buddha, Taoism)

  • A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space, and Awareness with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
  • Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – The Miracle of Mindfulness Audiobook
  • Buddhist Meditation Music for Positive Energy: Buddhist Thai Monks Chanting Healing Mantra
  • There are Two Kinds of Happiness ♡ Physical Comfort and a Peaceful Contented Mind ♡ Dalai Lama
  • The Noble Eightfold Path The Way to the End of Suffering Bhikkhu Bodhi Chapter I III
  • How to Set Yourself Free Starting Right Now | Timber Hawkeye | Buddhist Boot Camp
  • Nour Foundation/ Devenir conscient, la science de la mindfulness
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Expanded 2nd Edition! Embrace the Peaceful Power of Buddhism! Are you interested in Buddhism? Would you like to start a meditation practice? Can this ancient tradition help you create a better life – today?

In this book, you’ll learn the story of the original Buddha, and the lessons he taught. You’ll find out about his Four Noble Truths – and how to incorporate them in your daily life!

Buddhism is more than a religion – no matter your belief or creed, you can benefit from this ancient knowledge! There are plenty of values taught through Buddhism that can increase your happiness and quality of life!

With Buddhism: Living a Life of Happiness, Mindfulness, and Peace, you can learn to embrace mindfulness and peace – every day! This book teaches you to harness the power of observation, “right view”, and humility to gain a greater perspective on your life – and the lives of others. You will also learn how to practice meditating and breathing.

Furthermore, Buddhism: Living a Life of Happiness, Mindfulness, and Peace helps you stop your mind from worrying about your past and future. You’ll find it easy to create a good habit of meditation with this fun and insightful book!

Product Details

  • Series: Present Moment, Dalai Lama, Well Being, Stress Free, Inner Peace, Zen Meditation, Buddha, Taoism
  • Paperback: 80 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (December 24, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1522704167
  • ISBN-13: 978-1522704164
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6.1 ounces

Customer Reviews

This book does a good job

 on February 8, 2016
By John Segrev
I found this book a great introduction in Buddhism. It has helped me resume a routine of meditation. It is amazing how relaxing meditation truly is once you give it a chance. You will learn about definition of several life terms, like Happiness and Tolerance. You will learn about the different kinds of Buddhism and you will also learn a short concept for each type mentioned. You will also learn about Meditation, Mindfulness Breathing, Loving Kindness Meditation and some other key concepts like Letting Go, Nirvana, Reincarnation, Karma, Dharma, Mindfulness and its three fundamentals. If you knew nothing at all I think it would be very overwhelming because of the amount of information presented so quickly. It answers some great questions about the practice of Buddhism and I would certainly recommend it.

The author surely has an extensive knowledge of this religion.

 on July 24, 2016
By Laney
I read another book on Buddhism, it was a total waste of time. In that very few things were explained and each page had a small explanation of things….To define the 8 separate meanings of the Noble 8-fold path, the author had taken a single space for each one, but they contain only about one paragraph long explanations. Meh! What a waste.

Buddhism as a way of life…

 on August 26, 2016
By M.J.
This is truly a wonderful self-help book. I think this book can be a great company when you are drinking coffee in a café and just simply living the moment. I like how this book made use of the quotes from well-respected people to support the content of each chapter. Most importantly, I have found great pleasure in learning new things that would help me to become at peace with myself, which in return will contribute well to how I am towards my fellowmen. Empathy and mindfulness are the attributes that I would really try to incorporate with the way I live my life. Meditation on the other hand is something I have to think about first. I just think such things should be done with the help and support of other person or people who have successfully or at least in the process of fulfilling this act. I agree with this book when it said that Buddhism, is not necessarily about religion it’s about one’s well-being. I believe that I can be a better Christian if I apply the principles of Buddhism in my life. Must grab! Find your inner peace!

Interesting book!

 on January 27, 2016
By Nancy
This is a book to inform you about the roots and tells you how Buddhism came about and what it means in this day and age. It has presented a very nice description with logic to enrich you about the Buddhism. The people who want to really incorporate into your life will be very simple and smart decision to read the book for gathering information and positive effects. The Four Noble Truths were discovered by Siddhartha Gautama during his search and consist of elements that are fairly easy to understand is described in this book. You will get a detail explanation about the introduction of Buddhist value into your life. To abstaining from Alcohol and Drugs, you have to avoid over indulgence in alcohol or stimulants, stealing, misuse of sex, killing, and lying. This is not a mere piece of book, but contains a vast knowledge about this religion to the all levels.

You choose your happiness.

 on January 24, 2016
By P. Wilson
Life is a journey. It’s up to us how to handle things. This book is amazing. I like it because it is interesting to read and inspiring. I like the lessons in life. How to face trials and how to overcome this trial. This book is not just for Buddhist. Even I am not a Buddhist I am inspired with all the lesson I learn from this book. It teaches you a lesson and it inspire me because I know everything written here strikes me. All the doubts and stress in life must be manage well. I like Dalai Lama philosophy. It is really more on philosophy than religion. To embrace happiness it should be start in you. You choose your happiness. When happiness comes it comes with peace. All should be incorporate with positive thoughts and application of all the learning in life. Use everything you learn in order for you to achieve your goals. It is the key to happiness and never mind all the stress.

If you’re getting into mindfulness this is a good read

 on January 26, 2016
By Paul P
I went to a talk with the Dalai Lama recently and became interested in the Buddhism and how it all started. This book provides a good detailed (but not too much detail that it becomes boring) overview of the religion in the first half.

It teaches about life

 on November 27, 2015
By Charles Walters
Elements of Buddhism is more a philosophy than a religion. This book containing within the history, principles, beliefs and every detail about Buddhism introduces with Mindfulness and Peace that make you aware of others. The overall purpose of Buddhism’s Truth is to make you realize the cause of suffering and find a way of peace in your life to avoid the suffering. Meditation is a part of finding that peace within yourself. Disciplines of Buddhism open your mind to new things as well as helps you to feel closer to your inner self and also to the world in which you live. By practicing it you can relieve your stress and become much happier in your life.

conclude that I am perfect right to purchase this book because of its step …

 on February 6, 2016
By Ismael Velasquez
Reading this book, conclude that I am perfect right to purchase this book because of its step by step strategies on how to incorporate Buddhism. Also this book has full of information about Buddhism from the essence of Buddhism and to its benefits of practicing the teaching of Buddhism. I learned that it takes more than meditation to achieve peace; instead it is a total change in lifestyle. I think I will keep re-reading this book to constantly remind me of its positivity.

I cannot express into words how happy I am I came across this book

 on January 21, 2016
By Angela Yorke
This book talks about everything from introducing mindfulness and peace into your lives all the way back to the basic original information on Buddha. Also explains that Buddhism doesn’t try to take away from any religion, but to enhance whatever religion you choose to follow. I’m looking for more peace in my life. I’m trying to train myself to be kinder and gentler me, so that this will spill over to everything and everybody else in my life as well. I cannot express into words how happy I am I came across this book.

An easy to understand book. get this!

 on July 21, 2016
By irina
This book on Buddhism is well written and straight forward and easy to understand. It starts from explaining the history of Buddhism and tells all on its basics and history. It teaches on it as a religion and also as a way of life. The author also talks on mindfulness and how you you can practice mindfulness and attain peace of mind. Exercises to gaining mindfulness are well written and explained and indeed this book will help you practice to go about it as a religion and more so as a way of life. Well written. Kudos to the author.

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