45 min Fitness Workout – Cardio-Strength Fusion with Yoga & Pilates Elements

  • 45 min CardioPower Fusion: Pilates, Aerobic Fitness, Boxing, Strength-Coordination Workout
  • Yoga Pilates Cardio Strength and Coordination – 45 min Home Workout
  • 30-Minute Feel Good Fusion Workout – Barefoot Cardio, Pilates, Barre, Yoga Mix
  • Full Workout Fusion: 45 min – CARDIO YOGA PILATES
  • Body Burn Fusion Detox – 50 min Strength & Cardio for Core, Butt, and Glutes Burn
  • Explosive Cardio Strength Workout; 40 min of High Energy Training
  • Workout Fusion – 50 min Pilates Cardio Yoga Detox – Bottle Boost
  • Pilates + Yoga Full Workout Exercise Video | 60-Minute Fusion Flow
  • Yoga Fusion Workout: Total Body Strength & Flexibility
  • Full 60-min Fusion Glide Workout! Glutes/Butt Cardio & Strength! Just use a towel or paper plates.
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Customer Reviews

Great workout!

 on July 24, 2016
By Bonnie L. Lewandowski
This was a great video! I usually do yoga, but I was looking for something more challenging. I found it! This was toning my whole body! I loved this one and will add it into my weekly routine. I’m hoping it will help me tone up and become more firm.

Loved it!

 on August 6, 2016
I think this is a great workout. I’ve been working out for a long time-I enjoy Jillian Michaels and Kelly Coffey, and I was just looking to change it up, so when I saw this was included with my prime membership, I thought I would try it. I I like the way she mixes it up and only does the cardio segments for 15 seconds each with the toning exercises in between. This makes it challenging enough for those of us who work out regularly, but also doable for someone who is just starting to workout. The quality of the production is fine for what it is-you can see and hear her clearly and the scenery is nice. I don’t need much more than that. One thing I like about Jennifer Menzer is that she has a really great conversational quality to her instruction-she’s clear and concise, while also being fun and encouraging. There’s even a funny dog coming in and out of the shoot-I think someone just happened to be there throwing the frisbee for their dog-and she handles it great. I’m thrilled that this is included with my prime membership.

Great workout for limited space or travel!

 on September 19, 2016
By Sarah W. Burns
Great body weight training if you’re traveling or limited on space. I added small weights for an added bonus and really enjoyed it! I felt like the time flew by, 45 min felt more like 20. I will use this again for sure!

A Video that Works (Out)!

 on October 18, 2017
By Roadog66
Not really for rank beginners but Ms. Menzer understands how to make a video. They get right into it, keep the exercises and sets simple so you don’t waste time reviewing the exercise which eats too much time in many yoga videos. You can keep doing this video may times since its easy to follow and is a great workout. I use to alternate days with the gym.

Not as much stretching as traditional yoga but a nice workout nonetheless

 on July 18, 2016
By Laura
This definitely incorporates some cardio…it didn’t seem hard when I did it, but I really felt it in my glutes the next day! Not as much stretching as traditional yoga but a nice workout nonetheless. I love the instructor and the cute dog swimming by in the background.

Simple and refreshing!

 on September 24, 2016
By Julianna
I was very pleased with this workout. Simple, refreshing and frills-free, it is still effective and motivating. The initial draw for me was the fact that I could do this workout at home with no additional equipment (including shoes!). It takes up very little space (basically the square footage required to do push-ups and jumping jacks). I especially appreciate the family-friendly content; I have four children, and with this workout I don’t feel concerned about them being exposed to questionable language or attire. Thank you for including it with Prime!

Nice workout with a little yoga inspiration

 on April 28, 2018
By Dmitriy Khripkov
not much yoga, but I enjoyed the well-paced workout. The tone is casual and relaxing, but I still worked up a sweat

Very Nice!

 on September 27, 2016
By Kristiane Schweitzer
It’s actually quite a good workout. I exercise regularly, but my bum was sore the next day after doing this video. I will keep it in my library.

but I got bored quickly.

 on September 13, 2016
By Schaeffski
I was really turned off in the beginning because instead of warming up, we went right into stretching cold muscles. After that, it definitely got my heart rate up, but I got bored quickly.

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